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Navigating Child Support Laws in Wisconsin

At The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C., we understand that matters related to child support can be emotionally charged and complex. Our experienced team of legal professionals is here to guide and support you through the intricate landscape of child support cases in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. With a deep commitment to protecting parents' and children's rights and well-being, we strive to provide practical solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

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What is Child Support?

Child support is a crucial legal obligation that ensures both parents contribute financially to the upbringing of their children after a separation, divorce, or in cases involving unmarried parents. Child support aims to provide for the child's essentials, such as shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical care, in a manner that mirrors their pre-divorce or pre-separation standard of living.

Our legal team recognizes that the well-being of your children is of utmost importance. We work diligently to secure fair and just child support arrangements that prioritize your children's best interests while considering both parents' financial capabilities and responsibilities.

How is Child Support Calculated in Wisconsin?

Calculating child support in Wisconsin involves a formula that considers several critical factors, including the parent's income, the number of children, the percentage of physical placement or custody each parent has, and other relevant expenses. This formula is designed to provide an equitable distribution of financial responsibility.

Can Child Support be Modified in Wisconsin?

Life is dynamic, and circumstances change over time. Whether it's a change in employment, income, or the child's needs, child support orders may need to be modified to reflect these adjustments. If you believe that your existing child support arrangement no longer aligns with your current situation, our legal team can assist you in seeking a modification.

In Wisconsin, child support modifications require a substantial change in circumstances that impact the child support amount by at least 15%. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process, helping you gather the necessary evidence to support your modification request. Whether you are seeking an increase or a decrease in child support, we will diligently advocate for your interests, always with the best interests of your children at heart.

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Navigating child support matters in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, can be complex and emotionally challenging. The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C. provides comprehensive legal support to parents facing child support issues. Our experienced team understands the nuances of Wisconsin's child support laws and will work tirelessly to ensure that your children's well-being is safeguarded while securing equitable financial arrangements.

With a commitment to personalized attention and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we stand by your side every step of the way. Whether initiating a child support case, seeking a modification, or requiring assistance with enforcement, our legal professionals are here to provide you with the guidance and representation you need.

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