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Waukesha County Probate Lawyers

Lightening the Burden After a Loss

Going through probate can be difficult and stressful after losing a loved one. At The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C., our attorneys can help you navigate the probate and trust administration processes and respect the last wishes of your loved one.

Our firm proudly serves clients in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Washington counties from our office in Brookfield. Call (262) 205-0705 to schedule an extended consultation.

Probate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is hard enough without the burden of going through the probate process or administering a trust as the successor trustee. With more than 40 years of legal experience, Attorney Mark S. Knutson and his knowledgeable legal team can help ease that burden by guiding you through the process and advising you as to how to administer a trust.

Our probate attorneys in Waukesha County help beneficiaries get the information and assets they are entitled to. We help our clients reach peaceful resolutions out of court, where possible. But we are forceful advocates in court, when necessary, to ensure you are treated fairly.

Probate Process

Many people try to navigate the probate process or administer a trust on their own. This can be confusing and unsettling. Fortunately, probate does not have to be as difficult as you may think, and a trust does not have to be an intimidating stack of papers.

Wisconsin has an extensive probate code detailing how an estate should be handled. We have decades of knowledge and experience to guide you through this unfamiliar process.

Our probate and trust services include:

  • All forms of probate administration
  • Identifying, locating, and collecting estate assets
  • Representing family members through probate disagreements
  • Contesting and enforcing estate planning documents
  • Counseling trustees about their responsibilities

Contact us online today or call (262) 205-0705 to learn how we can help you in the probate process.