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Do I Have to Follow All of My HOA’s Rules?

When joining a homeowners’ association (HOA), you may be surprised at the rules included. Your HOA may regulate paint colors, lawn decorations, upkeep, trash collection, and overall community standards, which can seem overwhelming at first. Our civil litigation attorney shares if you have to follow all of your HOA rules in this month’s blog.

Joining an HOA

When buying a home in an HOA, you will sign a contract to join that community’s homeowner association unless your home is grandfathered out of the community. After signing your entry contract, you are obligated to follow all rules and regulations your homeowners’ association set forth. If you do not follow the rules set by your HOA, you may be subject to fines and legal action from your HOA.

Following HOA Rules

Once you enter an HOA, you should refresh yourself on community rules to avoid fines. While each HOA’s rules differ, common HOA rules include guidelines such as:

  • For specific paint colors used for homes and home decorations,
  • Regulating yard decorations,
  • For waste disposal and recycling,
  • For voting on proposed HOA legislation,
  • For voting on candidates for HOA offices, and
  • For payment of annual dues.

While some rules may seem arbitrary, they are set by your HOA for a reason and bound by state guidelines that your HOA must follow. If you wish to change the rules or propose new HOA legislation, you can do so by becoming active in your neighborhood’s HOA.

If you believe that a rule is being unfairly enforced or unreasonable, you can consult a civil litigation attorney to review your HOA contract and the set rules. Your civil litigation attorney can help you understand your legal rights when addressing your HOA and prepare for a response if necessary.

Waukesha County Civil Litigation Attorney

At The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C., our civil litigation attorney is prepared to help protect your interests when facing your homeowners’ association. It can be stressful as you address your HOA regarding rules enforcement or other conflicts, and our civil litigation attorney understands how you may feel. With our support, we can guide you through your conflict with your HOA and help you move toward peace in your neighborhood.

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