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Why You Shouldn’t Have a DIY Will

Female Friend Helping Senior Woman To Complete Last Will And Testament At Home

Creating a will is one of the best ways to support your family and protect your assets if you pass away. You might be tempted to write your own will because it’s more cost-effective and because drafting the document yourself can help you feel a sense of control. However, you or your family may encounter several problems if you write your will yourself. The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C. is providing reasons to hire an attorney to create and finalize your will:

1. It could be ruled as invalid.

The worst-case scenario with a DIY will is that the court deems it invalid. If the document uses incorrect legal language or doesn’t follow the necessary procedures, all the work you put into writing the will may be for nothing. In this case, the court will decide how your assets should be distributed, which may be against your and your family’s wishes.

This is a particularly big risk for handwritten wills. Some states don’t recognize handwritten wills as valid, and even in states that do allow them, the court may challenge the document’s validity.

2. Your will must be witnessed.

In every state, the signing of a will needs a witness to be official. You can have a DIY will witnessed, but different states have different requirements for witnessing. If you don’t precisely follow your state’s witnessing and notary requirements, your will could be dismissed in court. When you work with an estate lawyer, you can be confident that your will has the correct witnesses to be legally valid.

3. An expert opinion is always helpful.

Even if you believe you have the simplest and easiest wishes for your assets, mistakes can happen. You may accidentally overlook certain taxes when drafting the will, or your language might be unclear. There are countless ways that small mistakes could affect how your property is handled, but an estate lawyer can help you avoid making those errors.

Not only can your attorney catch mistakes in the document, but they can give you advice for the contents of the will. Although the wishes you state in your will are ultimately your own, estate lawyers have helped so many other people write and execute their wills that they can be a great source of wisdom and guidance.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C. is Here to Help

As easy as it may seem to put your will together yourself, collaborating with an attorney on the document is always a better option. Your will can significantly impact your family after you pass away, and you don’t want any mistakes or oversights to prevent your wishes from being fulfilled. If you need help drafting or finalizing a will, you can reach out to The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C. for assistance.