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Seeking a Quick Divorce? Don’t Make These Mistakes

People typically don’t decide to divorce on a whim. For many couples, it is only after they have exhausted all other efforts to repair or improve the marriage that they decide to divorce. Under these circumstances, getting through the process quickly can be a top priority.

Rushing through a divorce is unwise, and the process does take time. However, there are steps parties can take to expedite the process. There are also mistakes people make that can drag it out. If you are looking to get through a divorce more quickly, you should not make these missteps:

  • Trying to hide assets – Any financial dishonesty can lead to contentious fights and complicate the legal process. It could also lead to criminal charges, as failing to fully disclose assets constitutes perjury. As such, anyone seeking a quicker divorce should be honest and open in all financial matters.
  • Refusing to negotiate – Generally, parties who mediate their divorce are able to get through the process faster than those who must go to court. As such, resolving as many issues as possible through alternatives to litigation can be wise. If you refuse to compromise or participate in these alternatives, you can expect your divorce to take longer.
  • Trying to hurt your ex – Whether you taunt your ex online, make false allegations, or otherwise try to hurt your ex during divorce, you could be doing more harm to the process than you realize. Not only can this make a divorce more painful, but it can also make swift resolutions impossible. If your ex feels wronged, lied to, or manipulated, he or she may have no desire to be amicable or cooperative.
  • Navigating the process alone – Many people going through a divorce are going through it for the first time. Without familiarity with the process and the legal requirements, parties can make mistakes in filing paperwork, understanding their options, and protecting their rights. As such, trying to navigate the legal system without the help of an experienced attorney can lead to costly and regrettable delays.

These mistakes are largely avoidable. However, in the midst of all the stress and emotional turmoil people can experience during a divorce, it can be easy to make a misstep or two. But keeping these tips in mind can help you get through this difficult chapter a little more quickly.