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Reasons to `Renovate’ Your Will

You are more proactive than many if you already have a will drawn up with the help of an experienced attorney, but just like a home may need renovation to meet the needs of its inhabitants better, some life occurrences may necessitate the remodeling of your will. Let’s look at some of the situations that could warrant an update of your will.

Divorce And Remarriage

The divorce of a couple or the building of a new family through remarriage is both reasons to fully evaluate your will. There are likely several points that you may want to modify and perhaps individuals you wish to add or remove as heirs.

One of the goals of your will after remarriage may be to preserve the rights of your children from your first marriage to continue as heirs of your estate. A skilled estate law attorney can help you express your wishes in a durable legal document.

Birth Or Adoption

The birth or adoption of a child or grandchild is a joyous and hectic time for family members. Even though you are occupied with getting the new family member settled, it is recommended to update your will at this time to reflect the latest addition to your family.

A Move To Another State

State laws regarding the execution and legality of will vary widely, and what is legal in one state may not be valid in another. If you made a will in another state, you would want to get it evaluated if your present primary residence is in Wisconsin. Then you will have peace of mind that your affairs continue to be in order into the future.