Divorce Advice & Protection in a Difficult Situation

Divorce Attorneys in Waukesha County

Advice & Protection in a Difficult Situation

At The Law Offices of Mark S. Knutson, S.C., we know that deciding to divorce or separate from your spouse is never an easy choice to make. Our divorce lawyers handle marital cases with experience, skill, and compassion.


Our Waukesha County divorce attorneys understand the effects that marital issues have on your life.

When you are in a difficult marriage situation and need advice or protection, we’re here for you. Regardless of why you’re in this situation, we can guide you through it. Ending your marriage will have stressful moments, but it does not have to be an adversarial process. We have been able to settle many clients’ cases through mediation avoiding a lengthy courtroom battle.

Ultimately, our goal is to reach a settlement that promotes your priorities as well as the best interests of your family members, especially the children. From divorce and legal separation to restraining orders and marital property agreements, we offer a listening ear, wise counsel and forceful advocacy if needed.

Collaborative Divorce

While we have done traditional divorces for decades, and continue to be available for those cases, we encourage the parties to embrace the collaborative divorce process where appropriate. It focuses on helping family members transition in a mutually respectful manner. Our collaborative divorce law practice is a unique alternative to handling divorce cases and other family law matters. It is founded on three core principles: a written pledge to not take the dispute to court, open communication between the parties, and negotiations that lead to a mutually acceptable settlement.

In addition to specially trained attorneys, you may use mental health practitioners and financial specialists in the collaborative process to ensure positive outcomes for all members of your family. Contact our office when you need advice or protection in a difficult marriage situation. We will discuss your rights and responsibilities, and the divorce process options. Ultimately we will reach a settlement that upholds the priorities and interests of all family members, but especially the children.

For more information on collaborative divorce, visit the Collaborative Family Council of Wisconsin’s website.


When people think of divorce, they might picture harsh, emotional arguments with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse in the courtroom.

There is no denying that divorce is both emotional and stressful. It is very possible that spouses might disagree many times throughout the process of ending their marriage. However, the mediation process does not have to involve the strain of formal court hearings. It is often a less expensive option.

The mediation process provides several benefits for divorcing spouses.

  • Mediation is flexible and often requires less time
  • It often costs less than taking matters to court
  • Spouses can create more practical and effective agreements

Legal Separation

Legal separation is an alternative for people who wish to avoid divorce with the hope of reconciliation or for other personal reasons. Separation involves the same legal procedures as divorce and therefore requires property division and determination of child custody and placement, where necessary. The court may order maintenance and child support payments.

If the relationship is not restored during the separation, after one year either spouse can seek to have a legal separation converted into a divorce without the other spouse’s consent. In that case, traditional divorce lawyer services can be pursued.

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